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▪️Cookie cutter are 3D printed of high-quality food safe biodegradable PLA plastic. We use clear (transparent) PLA, which is natural color of PLA without additional colorings. PLA filament is made of renewable fermented plant starch (like corn, sugarcane, etc.) Each cutter is custom made to order.

▪️ Cookie cutters are NOT dishwasher safe (hand wash only). The cutters should be cleaned with dish soap and warm water after use.

▪️Please keep the cutters in dry and cool place. Stow away from the heat, direct sunlight or lightning units. Do not heat, do not put in the oven or in the microwave oven. Cutters can lose shape under 50 C and above because of the material they are made of.


I personally draw and model every design, whether it is a ready design in my shop, portrait, logo or any custom cutter. And I personally run my shop, reply to all messages, make photos, videos and everything else 💫

🔹 The first step in creating cookie cutter is vector illustration.

I draw them considering 3D modelling and 3D printing requirements and also the final product - your awesome cookies. In the end it will be a cookie cutter, so the design should work well for its primary purpose - cut the dough - and the imprint should look well on the baked cookie. So every line, its location, the distance between the lines matters.

And even with limited amount of the details, I draw the designs to capture personality and uniqueness of the subject.

🔹 The second step is 3D modelling. This is when the drawing is turned into a 3D model for printing. Although it is 3D printed of PLA plastic, I did my best to model them to have a clean cut and to achieve the best results with the cookies. I will probably make a video on 3D modelling process, but here you can see how the 3D model looks like. The back part of the cutter keep the inner details on place. I do not make this back part solid for convenience and because it wouldn't allow the air circulate when cutting out. and it can be harder to release the dough.

🔹 The last step is 3D printing. This is when 3D model is turned into a real physical object. 3D printing became part of my life since 2014 , but it is still feels like a pure magic to me💫 Not everyone knows, but 3D printing is a pretty slow process. For example it takes on average 2.5-3.5 hours to print a portrait cutter. We also made custom cutters that were printed over 6 hours each.

🔹 Since 2019 we print our cutters on 3D printing farm in Idaho. Each cutter is carefully printed specially for you.

Hope you will find this process of creating cookie cutters interesting and fascinating✨ Follow me on Instagram @bakerstreetcutters where I share videos and stories about my cutters.

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