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Tips: How to use cutters with imprint

Here are some tips on usage that will help you to achieve the best result and to make awesome cookies 🎉 There is also a video in the end that shows all the steps, please check it out. And here you can find easy sugar cookies recipe.

▪️ For better result please use chilled dough - this way it will be much easier to work with the cutter and the cookies will keep the shape much better after the baking. Roll out the dough about 3/16-1/4” thick. This is the perfect thickness of the dough to achieve the best result.

▪️ If your dough is sticky and is not releasing easily, you can also pour a little bit of extra flour on the top of the rolled out dough and onto the cutter (see the video)

▪️ When cutting out, please press mostly on the outline part of the cutter, (not the middle part with imprint). If the dough is not releasing easily, please use a spatula or table knife like shown in the video below.

▪️ Before backing you can also put the cut outs in the fridge for about 15 minutes to chill. This way the cookies will keep the shape better.

And here is the video showing all the tips above. Please check it out

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