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Updated: Apr 27

Custom Cookie Cutter is such a perfect tool to bring your creative ideas to life! 🎉Whether you're looking to make awesome portrait cookies or logo cookies for your business, cookies of your very own unique design, planning an event for a special person, or seeking a personalized gift, custom cookie cutter will add that extra touch of creativity and uniqueness to your baking 🙌

I personally draw and model each custom design for you with attention to every single details, to make sure you will get a perfect one-of-a kind cookie cutter.


These ones are always a bit hit 🎉

I've made over 13,000 portrait cutters so far, and I truly love my work.

The best part for me is that my products bring so much joy to me and to my customers and accompany the most precious moments and occasions 🫶 You can see the cookies of my amazing customers HERE.

They are super cute and fun! You can make a portrait of your pet, friend, family member, colleague or anyone.

Pet portrait cutter is such a perfect and uniques gift for any pet owner, including yourself ❤️

Every pet is so very unique and I always draw the design to capture your pet's personality, so that you can make the cookies as adorable as your pet.

Once I heard from someone "all Labradors look the same", but definitely not for me, because no two pets even of the same breed look the same.

And of course Pet portrait doesn’t mean only cats and dogs, I make horses, parrots, monkeys, hamsters, goats, pigs, beavers, chickens and so much more 🙌

The cookie portraits of your friends and loved ones are cute, fun and will make the perfect and very personal gift for any occasion ✨ Whether it is a funny portrait of your best friend, beautiful portraits of your parents or kids, wedding portraits or the whole family set for Christmas or any other family gathering - it will always bring lot of joy, laugh and fun 🌸

I'll be happy to make you a cutter with your logo to make amazing cookies for your clients, special events or as a gifts to your friends and colleagues. I also started adding Customizable logo cutters designs, where you can put your business name or any text, lot of new designs are coming soon.


You can turn any idea, hand-drawing or illustration into one-of-a-kind cookie cutter. It is the perfect tool for adding that extra touch of uniqueness to your baking.

Whether it is a ceramics or clay project or the cookies with your art or illustration, cookie to save the date or anything else - I will be happy to bring your ideas to life ✨


We also make bulk orders of custom cookie cutters for companies and small businesses, museums, etc. - to resell in your gift shop or as a gifts to colleagues, employees or customers. Wholesale prices start as low as $4-$5 per cutter, the final cost is calculated individually based on the quantity and size of the cutters. If you're interested in learning more about our wholesale orders, please don't hesitate to contact me -

And here are some amazing photos from your reviews 🌸

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